Vu1 Media Tour Kicks Off Today in New York City

IMG_3855 IMG_3856 IMG_3857 IMG_3858This is an exciting day for Vu1 as our marketing team heads to New York City to launch the publicity campaign for the ESL R30 bulbs fresh off the plane from China.

The marketing team has spent the last several weeks arranging media meetings with both trade and consumer outlets and will be working hard to reach as many outlets as possible during their time there. I’ll be joining the team in the city for several of the meetings as we present the specially designed media kits you see here, highlighting the features and benefits of ESL™ technology.

The New York tour is only step one in a fully formulated media outreach plan. With the bulbs’ arrival in the states imminent, we are prepared to hit the ground running with a full media relations campaign so consumers become aware of the new and better choice available to them.

I look forward to bringing you further updates from our public relations team as we move forward.

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