Vu1 Investor and Business Update Call Invitation

Invitation:  Investor Conference Call
Hosted by William B. Smith, Wednesday, September 4th

Vu1 has commenced shipping and with the completion of our New York media tour, I will host a call to discuss plans for our company and our products.

I invite you to participate in an open call with me next Wednesday, September 4th at 4:30 p.m. EDT.  You can expect an update on preliminary shipping, logistics, and distribution followed by a Q&A session. I encourage you to bring your questions, concerns and insights to the table. 

Conference ID: 51464526

Participant Operator Assisted Toll-Free Dial-In Number: (855) 387-0826
Participant Operator Assisted International Dial-In Number: (937) 660-3995

As always, I will be candid in terms of where we are at this point, where we want to be and how we will get there. Your patience during this process has been greatly appreciated. It is, I believe, about to be paid off as consumers experience the difference of our “light without compromise.”

I look forward to our conversation.

William B Smith
Chairman and CEO
Vu1 Corporation

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