Vu1 Connects With The Cajun Contractor

Recently I had the pleasure of being invited to discuss what is happening with Vu1 Corporation and the development of our R30 bulb on the syndicated radio program Home Talk USA with Michael King.  King (known to his legions of fans as the “Cajun Contractor”) and I discussed the mission and vision of Vu1 and I introduced his audience to Electron Stimulated Luminescence as a superior option to replace incandescent bulbs as they are removed from the marketplace.

After the program aired on September 28, I was provided information ranking the interest of the interview amongst King’s listeners.  Our interview scored substantially higher than the average show.  To me, this demonstrates the likely confusion and therefore interest in what is taking place with the BULB Act and phase out of incandescent lamps.

The show was an excellent opportunity to explain the new technology to a new audience and differentiate our product from the bulbs currently on the market.  As production allows for bulbs to be available to the media and the public, we foresee many more media opportunities to educate consumers about Vu1 lighting.

For those unable to listen to the Home Talk USA interview live, we have provided the recorded version here.  Enjoy.


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