Update From China

While we have enjoyed providing weekly updates to our potential customers and followers, we have been quite transparent in sharing the great progress we have made over the last few months.  This also means we must be transparent when we run into issues, no matter how big or small they are.

We continued to experience poor yields from one of the two subcontractors that Huayi had engaged.  We believe that additional equipment and additional training will be needed to raise our yields to an acceptable level. While disappointing, this in no way brings the other two segments of the bulb manufacturing process to a halt.  Not every swing is a homerun, and this is all part of the process to ensure we deliver a premium product to the marketplace.  Again, all other segments of the manufacturing process can continue at this time.

Upon achieving satisfactory yields, we will provide an update for our automated production schedule.  We look forward to communicating next week.

William B. Smith
Chairman and CEO
Vu1 Corporation

Postscript: I also would like to thank everyone for his or her feedback about our updates.  I would like to make a few things clear. This blog update is not a PR effort; it is simply a communication tool so people can see progress. We are not using professional photographers, professional cameras or professional video equipment. We are using camera phones. We do not believe spending funds on these extra items is necessary at this point.

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