Thank You

I wanted to personally thank our Vu1 consumers, investors and Facebook followers for their suggestions regarding the type of features they would like to see on our web site. We currently are developing a full-fledged new site that will launch in the very near future, replacing the temporary site that is currently online. The new site will feature a host of detailed information about our products and will be a repository of information for consumers, investors and others interested in our ESL technology. Additionally, it will have a robust investor relations section which will offer the most up to date information on Vu1, including all corporate disclosure statements and SEC-required reports.

As we develop this site, we would like you to have a voice in what you see as the most beneficial features. Please feel free to share your thoughts at our Facebook page, or contact us directly via the contact information at the current web site.

We thank you for your continued interest in Vu1 and look forward to posting a new web site soon that is as enlightening as our ESL bulbs!

Thank you,
Scott Blackstone
CEO, Vu1® Corporation

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