Team Returns for Pilot Run

I am pleased to finally write; the team in China has begun the initial pilot run of bulbs – connecting circuits, putting on sleeves, posts and bases. We are testing all bulbs for brightness, checking the input power; color and initial turn on to assure there are no issues.

After a successful pilot run, we will make any necessary adjustments and begin production. That’s right, we are very close. We will also begin planning for an April/May full production and commence inputting our long-term production schedule.

Production is just one part of our mission: Delivering a high-value product means we must have impeccable quality, every time. So, Cameron is focusing on implementing our production quality assurance program and has begun collecting data. The QA group finalized test instructions for main board 15KV trimming, power input trimming, over scan trimming and reference lamp inspection. We are also training the permanent team in China on how to test the boards and safeguard VU1’s quality. Just to repeat, this team represents Vu1, not our manufacturing partners or their sub contractors. Stanley and the team have been split up for most of the trip thus far and tackling different issues at different facilities; we expect everyone to join forces again at the end of this week and begin working together in Huayi again next week.

We are excited about our progress so far, everyone is working diligently to get light bulbs on the shelf.

William B. Smith
Chairman and CEO
Vu1 Corporation

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