Seeing is Believing

In ESL technology, light is created in a very different way than with incandescent lighting. With an incandescent bulb, a central filament gives off light. With ESL, phosphor is painted on the interior of the bulb. An electron fountain sprays electrons onto the phosphor and the stimulated phosphor creates light. This light emits a full spectrum of colors, which illuminate evenly on the surface below.

Because the whole interior surface of the ESL bulb is creating light, the production process of this portion of the bulb is critical. Everything is moving along smoothly in Huayi, so we took an opportunity to take some amateur video and share some of our production efforts.

The video begins with a few seconds of the lacquer rinsing process, which removes excess lacquer residue after it has been softened using an aromatic solvent. The remainder of the video shows two of the lacquer spraying stations. The glass is being sprayed with short bursts of lacquer, which spreads the lacquer out over the surface by centrifugal force. We are working on perfecting this process since the lacquer is a critical component that gives the ESL lamp its uniform illumination. The lacquer is one of the final steps needed prior to securing the bulbs to the sleeves, posts and bases.

Enjoy the video. We will be reporting in again next Thursday.

William B. Smith
Chairman and CEO
Vu1 Corporation

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