Research and Manufacturing Update

Though our bulbs are being manufactured in China, I am pleased to announce that the braintrust behind Vu1’s technology is now based in the United States.

I am happy to share today details of our U.S.-based research and development, project management and engineering team. They will soon be in China, at the Huayi manufacturing facility, to oversee the final steps of our manufacturing process for our initial order and to determine a near-term delivery date to our channel partners.

  • Board member Dr. Charles Hunt will work with me to manage the team.  Charles is an expert on vacuum electronics, phosphor technology and colorimetry, and cathode engineering with more than two decades of experience as a professor at University of California-Davis.
  • Stanley Chao – a former president of Kingston Technology — has been named Vu1’s new Vice President, Asia Pacific, Product and Quality Manager. Chao also has held a variety of management roles at Merrill Lynch in Hong Kong and Philips Electronics in China and Singapore.
  • Cameron McLeod, an engineer with 15 years of experience in high-voltage circuit design for vacuum tube applications, will be handling UL certification as well as electronics engineering, including the multiplier, which is a critical component inside each bulb. McLeod has had responsibility for the latest version of the electronics found in the final configuration of the R30 currently being produced.
  • Bob Donofrio, a global phosphor expert and president of Display Device Consultants, will oversee processes and efficiencies related to the coating of the surface of each bulb.

The new team will work to expedite the manufacture of Vu1’s R30 replacements, which are being produced exclusively at the Huayi manufacturing facility in China; as well as the ongoing development of the forthcoming R40 and A19 bulbs.

We are excited to share these developments as we look forward to shipping bulbs to retailers very soon.


William B. Smith
Chairman and CEO
Vu1 Corporation

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