Phase In

I am happy to report that we continue to make good progress and am encouraged by the strides we have made in addressing the quality control issues with our manufacturing partner’s subcontractor.

This week has seen significant progress on two fronts. Firstly, we have purchased the necessaryequipment to ensure that yields increase dramatically moving forward. Secondly, we have hired – on a contract basis – two Chinese nationals with extensive expertise to work on-site with the subcontractor.

In addition, we continue to move forward with the other parts of the process unabated.

As we continue through the testing and manufacturing processes, certain aspects of ESL technology continue to stand out as features we’re particularly proud to bring to market. One feature that sets us above the competition is our superior “Phase In” light quality.

Phase In is the part of ESL technology that allows our light bulbs to illuminate within one and half seconds of being turned on—a feature that’s easier on the eyes and that we feel certain will matter to consumers when they shop for new bulbs. VU1 has filed a trademark application for the “Phase In” technology.

Field research has shown consumers strongly dislike having to wait for CFL bulbs to fully light up. Two minutes seems to be the average wait time. Covered CFLs can take even longer—some take three to five minutes to fully illuminate, depending on ambient temperature. Worst of all, in some climates, CFL’s never fully illuminate at all because of cold temperatures. Think about sitting down to read your morning paper and having to wait three minutes or more for your lamp’s light to kick into full gear. Consumers are understandably frustrated

Why the delay? Covered CFLs contain a substance called amalgam that prevents the mercury in a CFL from overheating. (Click here to review our post about the dangers of mercury in CFLs.) Amalgam allows mercury to vaporize at a higher temperature, thereby providing more light, but causing a slower warm-up period.

The combination of instant Phase In light in a mercury-free, energy-efficient bulb can’t be emphasized enough as a strong selling point for the market. We look forward to approval of our trademark for Phase In and to introducing consumers to the instant lighting of VU-1 bulbs.

William B. Smith
Chairman and CEO
Vu1 Corporation

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