New Website is THE Resource For Energy-Efficient Light

New Website is THE Resource For Energy-Efficient Light

Launch of new site will serve as a guide for Vu1 ESL technology

Vu1 is a company dedicated to bringing affordable, earth-friendly lighting to homes and businesses worldwide. With the launch of its new website at, Vu1 is now illuminating the Internet with helpful information on Electron-Stimulated Luminescence (ESL) – the latest innovation in lighting technology.

As Vu1 prepares for the nationwide release of its signature R30 light bulb at mass-market retailers, it has updated its website to serve as a one-stop resource for current and prospective consumers of ESL technology. The Vu1 R30 is a true incandescent alternative that provides a near-incandescent-type of lighting output, using 2/3 less energy than traditional bulbs, and does so without the use of harmful mercury.

Innovations and improved content on the new website include:

  • A comprehensive explanation of ESL technology for the layman, including a comparison chart that helps establish its superiority to incandescents, CFLs and LEDs;
  • A user-friendly product page, which features unbiased reviews, specifications and other data (a store-finder function will be active once supplies are replenished);
  • Detailed information about the company, the foundation of the Lambertian technology and the history behind the development of the R30 bulb;
  • Interactive features designed to update and inform on the latest developments at Vu1.

In addition, a robust, next-generation investor-relations microsite will be integrated in the near term.

About Vu1 Corporation
New York City-based Vu1 Corporation is dedicated to applying its technology to produce energy efficient, environmentally friendly lighting solutions – with superior light quality — worldwide. Vu1 has developed a new energy efficient light bulb to provide the consumer market with the first affordable, non-toxic light bulb with features consumers are demanding and not receiving from existing products. Learn more about Vu1 at For the latest news, find Vu1 on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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