Manufacturing Update

As you may recall from my previous blog posts, I promised that I would be transparent in offering you updates on the Vu1 manufacturing process as they become available.

This resolve has not changed – though many of you have expressed frustration regarding a lack of information, I simply don’t want to waste your time with updates that don’t offer the critical information that we all are anticipating – REAL progress on bulb manufacturing, and the ultimate delivery of light bulbs to our channel partners here in the United States.I am pleased to share with you that yesterday, as we enjoyed the celebrations surrounding Independence Day here in America, we were crossing a significant milestone in China. I was made aware by lead engineer and project manager, Jiri Hrabal, that Huayi Lighting, our manufacturing partner, has successfully sourced, manufactured — and Vu1 has tested successfully — the first Vu1 R30 lamp.Though this is long overdue, we could not be more pleased with this major milestone and achievement. Though the process continues to be refined, we are making much more significant strides in our short time in China than we had previously.

More positive news: I have recently and personally met with our national retail sales partner to provide an operational update; and I continue to provide operational updates to our current and prospective master, electrical distributor and retail partners.  At this time, all partners remain enthusiastic and committed to Vu1.  That is not to say that there is not disappointment with Vu1’s delays — there are — but I have assured all partners and potential partners that I will provide transparency and material updates should anything change from our current course.

As you may appreciate, communication with our Chinese partners is a work in progress, though I continue to take the steps necessary to identify and resolve any problems as quickly as possible. Such issues are now being addressed in a significantly more timely fashion than in the past – days, instead of weeks or months. Though there is still a need for a great deal of improvement, we continue to work toward that goal.

Now that bulbs are being successfully manufactured, we have opened discussions with Underwriters’ Laboratories (UL) to set up a time in the near future for them to commence their inspection of the Chinese manufacturing facilities.  This is another step on the way to mass production, and we are excited to keep moving the project forward as quickly and prudently as possible.

Finally, I had shared with you that director Dr. Charles Hunt was to attend a prestigious conference – LS 13 — to present the Vu1 case before an international community of scientists; Dr. Hunt has communicated to me that the R30 and ESL technology were extremely well received at the five-day conference.  Dr. Hunt will be writing a review and I will post the review on the Vu1 blog in the next few days.

Thank you for your continued interest in Vu1.

William B. Smith
Chairman and CEO
Vu1 Corporation

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