International Builders Show 2012

We wanted to update our consumers on an issue which has been discussed quite a bit lately — compatibility of the Vu1 bulb with dimmers. As we have noted, our ESL bulbs have the ability to be dimmed, which is a clear advantage over many of our competitors in the energy-efficient bulb arena. What we have shared in common with these competitors is a compatibility issue with some models of the older generation of dimmers, which require a minimum wattage level to function — a minimum well above the 19.5 watts at which the Vu1 R-30 bulb operates.

We have begun a dialogue with the larger commercial dimmer switch manufacturers — many of whom are already addressing the issues inherent with ESL, CFL, LED and other low-wattage bulbs — the photo, provided, was taken this week at the International Builders Show in Orlando, where we have representatives on the ground working to tell the ESL story. We will be asking the bulb manufacturers to test our bulbs with their dimmers, and, conversely, we will undertake our own testing with existing dimmers to certify those that are tested as compatible with the ESL bulb. We will keep you posted on our progress.

I hope this update is helpful to you, and of course we will continue to update you on product developments as they occur. We also invite you, our consumer, to let us know if you encounter specific issues with dimmers in your home or business, so we can conduct further research.



Thank you,
Scott Blackstone
CEO, Vu1® Corporation

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