Technology Overview

ESL Technology


Electron Stimulated Luminescence™ (ESL) Lighting Technology is an entirely new, energy efficient lighting technology. It uses accelerated electrons to stimulate phosphor to create light, making the surface of the bulb “glow”. ESL technology creates the same light quality as an incandescent but is up to 70% more energy efficient, lasting up to 5 times longer than incandescent and contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. There is no use of the neurotoxin Mercury (Hg) in the lighting process.

With this technology, Vu1 has developed its first light bulb that received UL certification in October 2010: the R30 ESL bulb is specifically designed to replace the 65W incandescent R30 flood bulb in recessed light fixtures and the light quality is virtually indistinguishable from this traditional lamp it replaces and, unlike CFLs, is mercury-free.

In addition to the R30, the company is currently developing a variety of highly energy efficient, optimal light quality mercury-free light bulbs. Plans are in place to introduce the classic A-type lamp for US and European consumers, the R40 for the US commercial market and the R25 in Europe.

Energy Efficient – Vu1 bulbs are up to 70% more efficient than the incandescent bulb, not high rate loans, $200 get cash now to account.

Superior Light Quality – Unlike CFL or LED bulbs, ESL technology features qualities consumers enjoy now –a perfect light quality that turns on instantly and is fully dimmable

Mercury Free – Vu1 bulbs contain no mercury, allowing them to be household disposable and safe to recycle

Affordable – ESL technology adapts to existing light bulb shape, reducing production costs and providing consumers and businesses with a competitive and cost-effective solution

Smaller Carbon Footprint – Bulbs generated by ESL technology have a smaller carbon footprint throughout their lifecycles than those generated by LED and CFL technology

Lower Production Costs – ESL bulbs have lower manufacturing and disposal costs compared to LED and CFL bulbs

ESL – Your Best Alternative to Incandescent

ESLs are the only bulbs on the market to give you everything you love about incandescents — but the electric bill. ESLs offer warm, natural light quality, are safe and easy to use, don’t use the squiggles, grids or awkward shapes of other energy-efficient bulbs — and cost 70 percent less to operate than incandescents.

Light Done Right

Vu1 has done what lighting innovators have tried for centuries to do – create a lightbulb that provides a pure, warm, natural glow at the work surface without excess heat, energy or harmful components. It’s Electron Stimulated Luminescence™ (ESL) technology is thought to be the first bulb to approach the ideal of lighting reflectivity defined by scientist Johann Lambert more than 350 years ago. The Lambertian principles spoke of light quality that had a full spectrum of colors, and reflected evenly on the surface below. Today, Vu1 has developed a lightbulb that operates as a Lambert Radiator, meaning the light appears brighter than the Lumens would indicate approaching Lambertian perfection – to consumers it is simply a bulb generating more light, using less energy, and with a purer glow.

Proven and Safe

In creating ESL Technology, Vu1 merged several existing and proven technologies then uniquely adapted them for “lighting”. The company uses commonly sourced, non-hazardous, commercial materials that are customized to our specifications.

Safe as a lighting source, the ESL technology fits neatly into classic light bulb shapes similar to those familiar to consumers everywhere. This eliminates the need to bend the technology into an unusual, twisted spiral shape (CFL) or have costly and heavy heat dissipation designed into the bulb housing (LED).