Why Are ESL’s So Pleasing

Why Are ESL's So Pleasing?

Why Are ESL’s So Pleasing?

The ESL light is considered to be the closest in light quality to incandescents, and even goes a step further by approaching a nearly ideal standard – known as Lambertian light – that produces a full-spectrum glow that is most intense at the work surface. So what makes them look so good? Our brain, in fact, plays a pretty significant role. Since all bulbs generate their light color by fooling our brain into perceiving them as “white,” a bulb that uses the most colors in the spectrum will, by its nature, appear more natural. That’s because our eye is trained to see light from “hot,” full-spectrum sources like the sun, fire and incandescent lightbulbs.

Only Natural

While CFL’s and LED’s generate efficient light, they do so
by leaving out some of those natural colors. With Vu1’s ESL lighting, all colors are reproduced, resulting in a “natural,” pleasing glow that is also, by its technology, energy-efficient — truly “Lighting Without Compromise.”