A Bulb That Lasts 10 Years

Vu1 - A Decade Of Pleasing Light

A Decade of Pleasing Light

A byproduct of the safe, efficient ESL technology is the fact that its light-making qualities promote longevity – up to 10 years for individual bulbs, under normal use. The secret lies in the phosphors – the materials contained in all bulbs that convert energy into visible lights. While the ESL undertakes this process efficiently, the CFL is hampered by the intensity of the UV light that lives at the interior of the bulb – the phosphors, in effect, become “suntanned” the same way that our skin gets damaged by UV sunlight. You’ll notice this effect in a reduction of light quality from the bulb over time. Though incandescents produce light differently, they also lose light quality over time. That’s why it’s best to convert all of your bulbs to ESLs immediately – change them once and you’re set for a decade.