ESL R30 Bulbs To Begin Shipping In July

This is the blog post we’ve been waiting to write…

It is the VU-1 team’s great pleasure to announce that our custom equipment has arrived and is currently being tested at an “assembly station” near our subcontractor. We plan to move the equipment to our plant on Friday (tomorrow) where it will undergo 3-5 days of fitting calibrations and final testing. Stanley Chao heads to Asia early next week to be on site for inspection and to begin the initial runs to test yields. The excitement generated by this news is palpable in every phone call and email flying amongst team members.

With the arrival of the equipment and the final UL inspection and factory tour set for June, it’s time to start producing bulbs. We expect to be fulfilling initial orders in July. (For everyone who has traveled this path with us, checking in on this blog, you understand the magnitude behind that last sentence.)

I’d like to take a moment to again thank everyone involved who has made this moment possible. I especially want to thank Stanley Chao, Cameron McLeod and the small army of engineers that have been working around the clock that we have assembled. It’s been a long journey but the payoff—producing energy-efficient, affordable, mercury free, superior light quality bulbs—is here.

Please note that this blog post will likely be the last update posted until we have bulbs coming off the line in July. Should there be ANY material event that would change the information communicated above, we will immediately deliver that information. Again, thank you for following our updates and we look forward to sharing information in July when production is in full swing.

William B. Smith
Chairman and CEO
Vu1 Corporation

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