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Since returning from China, we have been working diligently to correct each issue that was uncovered while our engineering team visited to thoroughly analyze every step of the process, including analysis of sub-contractors.

At this writing, our manufacturing team, led by Project Manager Stanley Chao, is wrapping up a meeting in the bay area to sort through next steps when they return to China in the first week of March. As you may be aware, the Chinese New Year is in full swing – this has given us an opportunity to order new supplies/components, as well as a new pump needed for the production process. The components and new manufacturing equipment will be in hand when manufacturing resumes after the Chinese New Year break.

Providing more detail: phosphor application is an example of one issue that is easily correctable — simple training for the workers in China on the proper application technique is an easy remedy.  In fact, most issues were of this nature – easy fixes that will be incorporated and double-checked when our engineers are back on the ground overseas. We will also have two full time Chinese nationals on the ground in China representing Vu1 for the foreseeable future to ensure daily oversight and quality control.

As I mentioned in my last communication, the processes that we found to be done well, were done exceptionally well; we are also fortunate that they are the most complicated part of the process, and where our partners fell short, we have identified and have in most cases already found the solutions to implement when we hit the ground in early March.

As always, thank you for your patience. We are also very excited to share some updates to our executive team at Vu1 in next Thursday’s blog.

William B. Smith
Chairman and CEO
Vu1 Corporation

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