Dispatch from China

We are pleased to share a photo of a gathering of professionals at the Tianjin Jin-Jing Glass Bulb Company, another of our manufacturing partners, and the largest supplier of CRT glass in China. We have now been in China for a couple of weeks, visiting with the various component vendors and ensuring production with our manufacturing partner Huayi Lighting Company Limited is gearing up as planned.

have been struck with how gracious our partners have been, as well as their professionalism and vision. It has been striking to see how advanced the manufacturing facilities are in this part of China – considered the “lighting capital” here due to the heavy concentration of lighting accessory manufacturing done here.

Huayi, which is where final assembly of the ESL R30 is taking place, is one of the biggest, boasting a 2.1 million square-foot manufacturing plant. The company has been at the genesis of many new lighting products, and in fact has developed or produced 30,000 different lighting fixtures or accessories in the past 20 years.

Thank you,
Scott Blackstone
CEO, Vu1® Corporation

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