Continued Progress in Preparation for Launch

As mentioned in our blog post last week, our team was running a final test of 400 lamps, which we planned to test and qualify early this week. I’m very pleased to report there we no testing deficiencies identified and we’ll continue to ship lamps to the USA for distribution to our potential partners in the electrical distributor channel.

We’ve recently purchased additional line and testing equipment that has given us the ability to double the original production capabilities immediately. This equipment was delivered this week and is being assembled as we speak.

We are currently working with our manufacturing partner to source components and develop better relationships with our supply chain for our next purchase order, which we feel will provide major cost savings.

We continue to provide exhaustive training for line workers, as well as our quality control workers, in an attempt to eliminate as much human error as possible.

Our goal is to commence full production on September 15 and not shut down again. We hope to begin shipping fully tested and qualified R30 lamps in relatively small quantities for sale in our retail channel during the first few weeks of October and build our volume daily as the line becomes more and more comfortable.

I will provide another update next week. We thank everyone for their patience and look forward to delivering great light bulbs in the near term.

William B Smith
Chairman and CEO
Vu1 Corporation

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