An update from Scott Blackstone, President of Vu1 Corporation

We are excited that the R30 bulbs, in which we have invested so much effort and resources into bringing to market, are about to be available nationwide through our partnership with Lowe’s. In any new business relationship, there can be growing pains as the parties work to do their best to foster mutual success. This has been the case with the online launch of the Vu1 products, and we have heard — and sympathized with — the comments from our eager future consumers and investors, posted on Facebook and in other forums.

I wanted to take the opportunity to address the most frequently discussed topics, in an effort to reassure you that we are very much on track to get the Vu1 bulbs in your hands, just as soon as possible. As always, we appreciate your support.

1. Have the R30 bulbs been delivered to Lowe’s?
A quantity of R30 bulbs was delivered to Lowe’s prior to the original launch date of online sales. These bulbs remain in Lowes’ system, awaiting the sales launch and subsequent fulfillment.

2. Why has information about the sales situation been so limited?
Vu1 has been working closely with Lowe’s to gain access to credible, concrete information regarding the online sales launch. Once solid information regarding a specific launch date is available, Vu1 with communicate this information via all the appropriate communications channels.

3. Why can’t I buy a bulb through other channels?
We remain committed to generating adequate inventory for sale through our relationship with Lowe’s, as we believe their nationwide distribution network represents the best way to get the most bulbs in consumers’ hands in the most efficient manner. We do expect that other retail outlets will be added to our sales network in the very near future.

4. What has caused the online sales delay?
Simply put, the first-in-class Vu1 ESL bulbs have necessitated the creation of a brand new lighting category. This type of change to the architecture of a comprehensive e-commerce website such as can take considerable time to achieve; we have received that the necessary changes are in their final phase of completion.

Thank you,
Scott Blackstone
CEO, Vu1® Corporation

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