An Important Reason VU1 Matters

Not a day goes by where I am not reminded of the value of our product.
Recently the Alliance for Natural Health reported on a new study about CFL
bulbs and the dangers from the mercury contained within them – including
risk of cancer.  This is in addition to the EPA recommending the removal of
both people and pets from your home for a minimum of two hours if you break
a CFL bulb.  Don’t believe me? You can read more here:

It is almost weekly that a new report sheds light upon the hidden dangers of
compact fluorescent bulbs and the toxic amount of mercury contained therein.
While CFL’s continue to gain attention for all the wrong reasons, ESL
lighting technology is in the spotlight for its ability to create the
same warm natural light quality as an incandescent bulb (and not disrupting
our natural sleep patterns like LED’s and their blue light) while being 70%
more energy efficient and lasting up to five times longer – all while being
100% mercury free.

In this day and age we expect that all products are safe and that alone is
an important reason to expect high demand for Vu1 bulbs- it not only saves
energy while delivering high quality light-it’s safe.

Finally, and most important, as I write, our engineers and project manager
are on their way to China to begin implementing all the changes that need to
be made at Huayi as well as with the sub-contractors.  We have been working hard
over the last month and look forward to hitting the ground running this weekend.

We will have more details about our progress next Thursday.

William B. Smith
Chairman and CEO
Vu1 Corporation

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