About Vu1

Vu1 Corporation - About Us

Our Mission

Vu1 (“view one”) Corporation is setting a new global standard for safe, sustainable, energy-efficient lighting. We are transforming the lighting industry while helping to protect the environment by accelerating innovation and the adoption of next generation energy-efficient lighting. Specifically, we are giving consumers and businesses a choice without compromise – a light bulb that is mercury-free like an LED, energy efficient and affordable like a CFL, but fully-featured to meet performance requirements that they demand.

Our Vision

Consumers and businesses are demanding more environmentally-friendly lighting choices that meet standards now being set through the ban of incandescent light bulbs. We envision a world where they do have that choice – a light bulb that is affordable, energy-efficient, non-toxic and fully dimmable. That choice can only come through Vu1’s Electron Stimulated Luminescence™ (ESL) technology. It is the only choice that is truly a “light without compromise™”.


In 2004, a group of engineers, scientists and executives joined forces to reenergize a public technology company. The new management team refocused the company’s core competencies, uniquely merging and adapting several existing, proven technologies to begin developing… a new light bulb.

By combining technologies that had never been used before in “lighting”, a highly energy efficient, near perfect light quality, mercury-free lighting technology was created.

In late 2007, the company began investing in high-volume manufacturing capability. As a result, a unique manufacturing process has been developed to produce an affordably priced Vu1 branded light bulb.

Today, the vision of that group of innovators in 2004 has become a reality. In October 2010, Vu1 received UL certification for its groundbreaking R30 light bulb, which is a clean, energy efficient alternative to a standard incandescent 65-watt flood light bulb for recessed ceiling cans. It offers the same functionality and same light quality of other alternatives such as CFL and LED bulbs but without the drawbacks or comprises. With UL certification, Vu1 will begin full scale production of the R30 bulb in 2011 to meet the anticipated increase in demand from leading US electrical distributors, retail outlets and utility groups.

The R30 is just the first in a variety of bulbs that Vu1 will be able to produce with its ESL technology. Plans are in place to introduce the classic A-type lamp for US and European consumers, the R40 for the US commercial market and the R25 in Europe.

With UL certification for Vu1’s R30 light bulb, the next generation of energy-efficient lighting is here. Consumers and businesses want an environmentally-friendly and affordable replacement to their preferred incandescent light bulbs without compromises. They now have that choice.


The Vu1® reflector bulb gives uniform flood illumination and a light quality that is virtually indistinguishable from the incandescent lamp it replaces. High Power Factor gives the ESL bulb less total power load than competing compact fluorescent lamps.